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Translating new technology into an intuitive medical imaging system

When Clarix Imaging approached us, they had worked out a completely new technology to analyze surgically removed cancer tissues: true, 3D scans. The tech was revolutionary, but the alpha prototype was clunky—far too cumbersome to roll through fast-paced operating rooms.
CDG helped Clarix give form to the base technology, resulting in a design that is compact, intuitive, and unlike anything else seen in operating rooms.
Clarix Imaging
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A completely new user experience

Since this would be a ground-up design, we started at the whiteboard. We created a user journey map that served as a reference point for the project’s early stages, helping us ask the right questions and identify key user interactions.

With the basic feature set and framework agreed upon, we began assembling the components in 3D to define the unit’s overall dimensions and ergonomics.


Refining form, ergonomics, and user interface

We then took the base 3D layout and began to sketch concepts based on client input. Through this process, we landed on a minimalist form with dual handles and an elegant taper, and our user journey mapping helped us put all of the physical elements of the user interface in the optimal positions.


A distinctive execution of a one-of-a-kind imaging technology

The final result is minimalist, highly functional, and sets itself apart from typical medical equipment with forward-thinking looks. This design is the first product in Clarix Imaging’s product portfolio, creating a strong foundation for future innovation.


They look at the design task from all perspectives

I met engaged staff members that authentically want to move your product forward and design it to please your customers. They look at the design task from all perspectives and include product owners as well as users into the discussion. Their designs look modern and functional and they use all materials and technologies for the best outcome.


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