How to Design a Stand-Out Product in a Competitive Market: Yili Electric Power Washers Case Study

In the modern marketplace, competition is fierce. How do you design a product that cuts through the noise and thrives? CHOI Design (CDG) offers a compelling answer, as evidenced by their successful collaboration with Yili Electric on a revolutionary line of electric power washers. Let’s delve into their multi-step process, using the Yili power washer project as a real-world example.

Step 1: Unearthing the User’s Pain Points – Empathy is the Cornerstone

Great design begins with a deep understanding of the user. CDG prioritizes user research, and their work with Yili exemplifies this philosophy. Through in-depth testing of existing power washers, a recurring frustration emerged: bulky, unwieldy designs that were a nightmare to store and maneuver. This crucial insight became the cornerstone for Yili’s new product. Portability and user-friendliness would be paramount, ensuring a vastly improved user experience.

Step 2: Visualizing Impact – Sketches that Speak Volumes

Once user needs are identified, CDG translates them into impactful visuals. In the Yili project, electric power washers often faced skepticism about their power compared to gas models. CDG addressed this perception head-on by crafting a design language that conveyed strength and performance in their sketches. They focused on highlighting the robust metal structure with bold color accents, ensuring the design communicated power at a glance.

Step 3: The Marriage of Function and Aesthetics – Delivering a Standout Product

The best designs excel in both form and function. For Yili, CDG didn’t just create a visually distinct product; they ensured exceptional usability. Their commitment to user research continued as they meticulously considered diverse cart configurations and component options. The final design resulted in two space-saving, intuitive power washers that boasted a completely custom look and feel.

Step 4: From Inspiration to Reality – Seamless Support for Market Launch

Innovation doesn’t stop at the drawing board. CDG’s comprehensive support system ensures a smooth transition from design concept to market launch. In the Yili case, this meant collaborating with Yili throughout the entire process, from initial sketches to production. This dedication to client success is a hallmark of the CHOI Design approach.

Beyond Yili: The CHOI Design Blueprint for Success

The Yili Electric story is a powerful testament to the effectiveness of CHOI Design’s multi-step process. By prioritizing user-centric design, creating impactful visuals, and ensuring exceptional functionality, CHOI Design empowers companies to break through the clutter and achieve market dominance. So, the next time you’re tasked with creating a product that stands out, remember: it’s all about understanding the user, designing with purpose, and delivering a product that excels in both form and function.


Great design starts with empathy. Conduct user research through surveys, focus groups, or usability testing of existing products. Analyze their frustrations and identify recurring issues. This, like in CHOI Design’s work with Yili, becomes the foundation for your design solutions.

Visuals are a powerful tool. In the Yili case, CHOI Design addressed the perception of electric power washers being weak by using sketches that highlighted the robust metal structure. Consider how your design language can convey strength, ease of use, or other key benefits at a glance.

Don’t sacrifice usability for beauty. CHOI Design’s Yili power washers are a perfect example. They prioritized user research to ensure intuitive features and cart configurations while maintaining a visually distinct look. Remember, exceptional design excels in both form and function.

User research is an ongoing conversation. Like CHOI Design, continuously gather user feedback throughout the design process. This ensures your product addresses their evolving needs and delivers a truly user-centered experience.

Design goes beyond the initial product. Consider how your design translates to packaging, marketing materials, and even manufacturing processes. CHOI Design’s support for Yili extended to production, ensuring a smooth transition from concept to consumer.