Vantage Panoramic X-ray

The Future of Dental Imaging

Visiting a dental or medical office can be an intimidating experience, so when CHOI Design teamed with Midmark to create a new dental X-Ray machine we knew that focus on user interaction, ergonomics, and approach-ability would be essential to the product’s success.
Tackling a project of this scope would require extensive hands-on research, prototyping, and human factor studies. Our team was able to take on these challenges while discovering new areas of innovation that would assist Midmark in becoming a leader in the dental imaging industry.
Vantage Panoramic X-ray
Brand Strategy
Design Research
Industrial Design
Model Making



Ergonomic Considerations

CHOI created full-scale mockups to test hand and head positioning on a variety of different subjects to determine recommended settings and scale. This process allowed us to test the emotional impact of the shape and size.

The VantageTouch™ digital interface acts as the control center. Bold, bright colors contrast on a dark black background and provide the most clear and intuitive method of direction. The large touch screen interface also conveniently rotates to either side of the machine.


Concept to Production

The Vantage’s™ gentle sculpted curves, soft touch grip and controls, and warm color palette were carefully created to appear approachable and comfortable for patient use. The device appears open and airy, void of a sense of confinement. Soft edges are also ideal for cleaning and easy operator maintenance. The overall height can also be easily controlled up or down with the simple push of a button to fit the size and shape of any user.


An award-winning collaboration

The final product not only assists clinicians with a more intuitive means of operation, but creates a less intimidating experience for the patient. These key attributes were acknowledged when the Vantage was awarded the GOOD Design Award.

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