Proctor Silex

Reviving classic beauty for an industry leader

Proctor Silex approached CHOI Design Group to expand their line of steam irons with something unique to the market that only Procter Silex could introduce: a design that recalls the charm of midcentury aesthetics while offering the modern performance and features.
The result is a beautiful, sweeping handle with an entirely metal base that has delighted customers with its quality as much as its classic good-looks.
Proctor Silex
Brand Strategy
Industrial Design



Rapid form development via hand sketching

We began by putting pen to paper, driving inspiration by rapidly creating forms. We sketched a wide variety of concepts to thoroughly vet our ideas, allowing the client to carefully select the most successful concept.


Perfecting the proportions

After our initial exploration, we honed in on the selected concept, rendering subtle variations of control configuration, color and material, and overall proportion to ensure we left no stone unturned.


A heritage-inspired design that delights with elegance and performance

The outcome of our careful process is a product that balances heritage quality with modern features. Praised by customers for its vintage good looks as much as its performance, the Proctor-Silex Classic is a proven success.

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