Gum Powercare

Electrifying oral care for Sunstar Group

The oral care industry is increasingly moving towards smart, responsive solutions for daily brushing. Our goal with GUM was simple: create a toothbrush that provides a powerful clean that’s still gentle on the gums.
The solution was a brush that utilizes GUM’s gum health expertise, supported by thoughtful details like a brush sensitivity sensor that alerts the user when they’re brushing too hard.
Gum Powercare
Industrial Design
Visual Brand Development



Exploring brand-defining forms

We created multiple distinctive forms, working with GUM to refine the ideas via concept selection. The goal was to establish a strong new direction for GUMs electric toothbrushes.


Ensuring fit and functionality

We built the new design around the existing motor and battery assemblies, shown in green, allowing GUM to refresh their proven mechanical design with an completely new exterior.


Elevating GUM’s brand language for the next generation of electric toothbrushes

We delivered a final design for the PowerCARE™ Rechargeable Toothbrush that successfully entered the market, elevating GUM’s product portfolio. Featuring brush sensitivity technology to help users brush safely, the final result is as beautiful as it is efficient.

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