Elevating the brand of an industry leader

Flexco, an industry leader in belt conveyor productivity manufacturing, sought CHOI Design to update their line of portable belt fastening tools with an improved look and user experience.
The resulting design uses a fresh, unified visual brand language to stand out in a market of indistinguishable products, increase ergonomics and human factors, and address functional considerations to reduce weight and keep out debris.
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Discovering opportunity through gaining empathy for operators

The fastening system, which has manual levers that force staples through the belt, requires three rotating workers to prevent injury and fatigue. Our design process included gaining understanding of current difficulties and discovering opportunities for improvement; in both ease of use and worker safety.


Bringing thoughtful form and ergonomics to a function-first machine

We partnered with Flexco to observe their tools in action, building a foundation of knowledge to ensure we sketched the right solutions. With a deeper understanding of the user perspective and the machine’s mechanical layout, we began sketching. Our sketches focused on opportunities to improve form and functionality to create something truly innovative.


An award-winning design that raises the bar for the industry

We delivered a result that is mechanically improved, ergonomically optimized, and visually stunning. That’s why it was awarded a European Product Design Award™ and given runner up by Core77 in the commercial category. The final design was implemented by Flexco with great success, receiving positive feedback from operators.

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