Chicago Flyhouse

Stage motion with ease: a rigging control console for Chicago Flyhouse

When an innovative developer of rigging systems for performance venues and theaters set out to introduce a new rigging control console, they chose CHOI Design to help them take it from proof-of-concept to final product.
Chicago Flyhouse provided a hand-fabricated prototype and asked us to take it to the next level with a design that met all their requirements: a construction robust enough for its environment, refined looks that elevate the company’s highly regarded brand, and an intuitive and safety-focused user experience. The result is a rigging controller that stands out in its category with elegant simplicity and uncompromising performance.
Chicago Flyhouse
Design Research
Industrial Design
Preliminary Engineering



Establishing the basic architecture

We began by evaluating the technical requirements, internal components, and intended user experience of Flyhouse’s working prototype. In creating a design for the mass market, we looked for ways to simplify the execution and reduce the overall size of the console.

With an understanding of the internal component layout gleaned from the prototype, we established a design scope for our sketch phase to ground our concepts in manufacturability while also ensuring to provide a disruptive and fresh perspective.


Rethinking the layout to improve compactness and aesthetics

After a broad exploration of concepts, we narrowed our scope to the winning concept: a monolithic form with a reduced control panel size and a fold out stand. By placing the screen and computing components in the same housing, we were able to create a more compact and transportable form. A sturdy metal frame surrounds the screen, providing protection from accidental bumps when relocating the console. With the kickstand folded in, the console can be wall-mounted via a custom designed recess on the back of the unit.


A completely new form factor for Chicago Flyhouse’s flagship touch-based controller

A rigging control console unlike any other, the Ease® Control Console by Flyhouse successfully expands the company’s portfolio as an impressive flagship product. We were able to ensure the Ease makes a big impact by crafting its unique features, designing its professional presentation, and complementing its intuitive user experience.

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