Why is Brand Consistency Important in Product Design?

Brand consistency is something heavily talked about in marketing or communications. However, branding in product design is important in maintaining comprehensive usability and user experience. UX branding for product design helps users feel comfortable using your company by providing consistency. Brands such as YouTube, Amazon, and more all focus on brand consistency to increase UI and UX across all platforms. 

Product designers are tasked with the responsibility of brand consistency to help those who visit their website. By keeping font colors, designs, and imagery consistent, it helps the user experience. It starts with strategizing with the company to all agree on what the brand’s voice is and implementing it across the board.

For traditional products, the product look and feel should not only match the online or in-store feel of the product logo and marketing, but it should also seamlessly fit into your company’s overall aesthetic. For example:

  • Do the colors of the product match the logo?
  • Does the packaging match the product look and feel?
  • Is the product suitable for the ages being marketed to?
  • Do the instructions match the product?
  • How is the user experience? Does it match the public perception of the brand?
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Why You Should Implement Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is especially vital when your company produces multiple products. Users should be able to experience the same product design no matter what they choose to use. This includes the same icons, the same font color, and the same font size. Think of the iPhone – since 2014, users have been able to communicate with Siri by saying ‘Hey Siri’ for every Apple product. This is brand consistency that connects every version of the iPhone that has come out since 2014. 

Game consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox may have changed the look of their consoles throughout the years, but their symbols and game controllers have remained fairly the same throughout the updates.

Outside of product development, the Marvel films use the same introduction to their movies no matter which movie it is, giving you the sense that you are experiencing the same universe – regardless if you’re sitting down to watch Guardians of the Galaxy or Iron Man.

Having consumers know they’re enjoying a product from a known or respected brand is important.

Brand Consistency Reduces Work For Your Users

Initially, coming up with brand strategies across the board could feel as if it is a lot of work, but putting brand consistency in place will reduce work for your product designers. For everything that they design, they will know that there’s a design already made up to use. This way, if your users are using something of yours, they know what it does already. UX branding for product design assures user loyalty – meaning that based on the ease of use of your products, people will want to continue using your products.

Building a Conversation With Your Users

For a company that knows the importance of brand consistency, CHOi Design provides advice meaning strategy planning, model making, and more. Their experienced team helps with designing your company’s brand and assuring consistency across the board.

Every major product ensures that their imagery and user experience remains the same no matter what platform your consumers use. Imagine if one day you opened up a Word document and went to save your file, but didn’t see the floppy disk icon? This is what CHOi Design can provide for you.