How to Design a Best-Selling, Consumer-Driven Product

Today’s market pushes consumer product production towards shorter lead times to meet faster delivery expectations. The challenge is establishing high-quality products, meeting consumer anticipation, and developing products within a shorter time. CHOI Design Group supports this product development model by connecting marketable ideas with the latest in modern design standards to build the best consumer-driven product solutions.

With an adaptive type of product design, clients (and even customers through research-based studies) can have direct input over the design and function of the product. It’s essential to work with a design team with experience working with consumer-based products.

What Makes Consumer-Driven Products Stand Apart?

Understanding and adapting to common consumer concerns like sustainability, personalization, cost savings, and other trends affect the likelihood that your product will be successful on the market.

With this type of agile product progression, the customer is part of the development process, including design, prototyping, and manufacturing. The development team seeks feedback from the ideal consumer throughout the development cycle through a collaborative method of client-directed input and/or consumer-directed feedback.

Client-Directed Feedback:

Oftentimes, our clients have already worked extensively with their ideal customers and know what they want or need in the product. Blending the expertise of the engineers, designers, and manufacturers from the development team with the feedback received from the work the client has already put into improving the way the product meets the customer’s needs creates a collaborative product that finds success on the market. The Product Development team may also integrate consumer feedback end to end throughout the process to help inform the design and manufacturing implementation. 

The Advantages of Consumer-Driven Products

Clients are interested in receiving a return on their investment when working to develop their product. A collaborative and agile environment can solve or prevent a number of design and production issues from the start. Communication is key to ensuring the consumer gets the most beneficial product based directly on their expressed needs.

Here are the top 3 reasons agile, consumer-driven product models make for happier clients:

1. Save Time

The collaborative environment ensures that problems that arise throughout the process can be efficiently addressed with the combined ideas of an innovative team with perspectives from all sides of the project. Design prototypes are directly based on consumer feedback, preventing the need to create multiple iterations to meet client and consumer needs and get it right.

2. Make Cost Effective Decisions

By wasting less money and fewer materials on products that ultimately won’t meet expectations or needs, products are created more efficiently and have a faster time to market.

 3. Improve the Quality of the Overal Product

Client research, customer feedback, and engineering expertise combine to make a product that consumers are happy with. Collaborating during the development helps involve clients and customers in every step of the creation to ensure satisfaction with the final product.

If you’re interested in learning more about how CHOI Design Group can bring you the opportunity to accelerate development and deliver successful results, contact us to inquire about partnering with our experienced team.